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Here's a little bit about me...

Almost 15 years ago I was fortunate enough to begin a career in the beauty industry. I didn't know it at the time but at just 19 years old, I was about to fall in love for the first time...with the salon industry, hairstyling, products, the fast paced feeling of a full schedule, and above all else...connection...with those I get to know while in my chair. And here we are, 15 years later, after an apprenticeship at Landis Salon, 13 years of experience behind the chair alongside 2 years experience in salon client relations/salon management...I now find myself with a private studio, even more experience, & an even greater appreciation for every day I get to step behind the chair. 

As a stylist, I love any type of haircut for any type of person. Everyone is welcome, safe, & accepted in my space. I adore getting to get a little more creative with customized hair color. And I'm not going to lie, end of the day, I really do love blow drying. Genuinely, it's my own zen zone & so satisfying to see a transformation. And of course, I'm generally up for anything! Hair, ultimately, is a collaborative effort. But, I will also always be fully transparent & honest if I feel like I might not be the best fit for you along with a recommendation of someone who would be.

Outside of the salon you can most likely find me hanging out with my incredible partner, Logan & our two black kitties, Yoshimoto Meow & Lunatic Meow. I'm a total cat person...but I love all animals. I'm a full blown Libra. I love camping, climbing, hiking...really anything involving adventure & being outside -- count me in! I'm super passionate & excited about any kind of music. That does trickle into the salon...we're most likely going to be listening to anything from Tame Impala to Nigerian funk, Bossanova, & French Jazz. I showed up to this life with an unquenchable curiosity about literally anything. I love to read & learn. And I have a deep love & appreciation for what most people would deem as "creepy". I love cemeteries, gothic architecture, Halloween, & naturally anything with Tim Burton vibes. Haha. Don't judge me. Most importantly, I love my "job". I love getting to show up everyday to spend time with you & your hair. I truly feel SO incredibly lucky I get to be here with you.

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